Gabriela Rodriguez

Administrative Director


Ingeniera en Administración de Empresas Hoteleras y Turísticas


Senior Year, Diploma of Graduation


Bachiller Especialidad Físico – Matemático



  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Translations
  • Sale of Medical and General Insurance
  • Customer service

December 2017- Present

Sales Account Executive

  • Daily Translation of Pet Related Articles
  • Upload of Articles on the Company’s Website
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Daily Sales

December 2011 – February 2013

Administrative assistant in Manta
  • Asistant Site Manager.
  • Translation of Technical Documents, Letters and others.
  • Logistics Travel Team in Manta and Quito.
  • Management of Caja Chica, issuance of withholdings of law and reports for matrix in Quito.
  • Asistance for several managers and officials of the company when needed.
  • Reception and Review of invoices from suppliers.
  • Follow up to RDP on payments and any documentation that Administrative Management needs.
  • Elaboration of letters and offices in the office.
  • Monthly management of Suppliers.
  • Preparation of Purchase orders.
  • Management of the DBSys System for Small and Income Invoices corresponding to purchases and / or services performed in Manta.
July 2009- December 2011
Accounting Assistant.
  • Close relationship with the suppliers of the company, receipt of invoices, provide to Treasury all the information of each of them to make bank transfers, I served as the control point in the accounting department.
  • Close relationship with the company’s customers .
  • Realization of boxes of boxes of both invoicing companies.
  • Several local reports and reports for Hong Kong (parent company).
  • At approximately 4 months I ascended to the position of Assistant Finance and Administration Manager.

Finance Management Assistant.

  • Daily assistance to the Finance and Administration Manager.
  • Letters, e-mails, correspondence in general.
  • Travel and logistics coordination of the Financial Manager, Managers, and assistants of the Department of Finance and Administration, in addition to the Executives of the house matrix, mainly to Hong Kong, Mexico and several countries in Europe.
  • Monthly supply management for the entire Administrative Financial Department.
  • Daily preparation of technical, legal and other translations for the parent company in Hong Kong.
  • Preparation of reports for the Financial Management: Consumption of cell phones, Quotes, etc.)
  • Coordination, constant monitoring and review of the different insurance policies.
  • Monthly Update of Fixed Assets of the Company for Insurance purposes, information sent to Headquarters in Hong Kong.
  • Support to other areas in translations, questions, invoice tracking and payments.
  • Compliance and carried out of the Caja Chica of the company.
  • Messaging Supervision.
  • Work completed due to the departure from the country of Hutchison Port Holdings.
January 2007 – February 2009
Finance Assistant – HR
  • Role of payments (approximately 200 employees), the same that was sent to the corporate offices of the company in Virginia, USA for the proper accreditations.
  • Expenses Reports or Expense Reports of the North American employees
  • Payments to suppliers, making checks.
  • Quicken file, program in which each of the transactions was entered banking services carried out within the period, as well as sending documentation in copies (hard copies) to the main offices of Dyncorp.
  • Management of the IESS (Ecuadorian Social Security Institute) for the entry of hours extras, night hours and unsecured loans from company personnel.
  • Various reports of control for corporate staff: Staff’s Overtime
  • Ecuadorian and North American, vacations of each one of the employees.
  • Requisition Orders and Purchase Orders for Services in the MAXIMO system.

Management Assistant.

  • In the Reception Department I made a personalized service to the client, I was responsible for receiving money and correspondence.
  • Making invoices, reports of income and expenditure of money through a system especially for the hosting service.
  • I made the entries and exits of the clients both individually and in groups. My main responsibility in this position was to solve unexpected problems in terms of customer comfort.
  • Customer service
  • Cash Management Girl
  • As a management assistant, I performed functions such as portfolio management, personalized interaction with the client through visits and telephone calls.
  • Tourist Guide for Cruises from Canada, USA and Europe.
  • Work completed due to a better job offer.

Operations Assistant.

  • Responsible for offering the services to the different exporters of Tuna and
  • Flowers of Manta and other cities, the company was in charge of obtaining the cargo and carrying out the respective export procedures.
  • Work completed in a period of 3 months, due to the studies that had to be attended abroad.
April 1998 – July 1998


“Ley Reformatoria para la Equidad Tributaria”

Módulos y Seminarios de Distintos Tipos de Pólizas de Seguros.

(Póliza de Incendio, Responsabilidad Civil, Robo, Equipo Electrónico, Dinero y Valores, Rotura de Maquinaria, Equipo y Maquinaria, Lucro Cesante).

Curso de Seguridad para Asistentes

Seminario de Análisis Financiero